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the creation of website is purpose to know who we are? and What is our motive and Goals?


There once lived a childless couple in a small town near Kanpur. One day a wandering sadhu came to their house and asked for food. The lady of the house welcomed him with great respect and gave him food and water. The sage blessed her with two divine sons. The first was born in 1873 and the second in 1875. Many incidents happened during the childhood of these two blessed children which could be the subject of a book in itself, and may well be in the future, but we will take up the story at the point where they were sixteen & fourteen years old respectively.

Date : (1875-1947)

Everyday, on their way to school, both boys used to pass by the cottage of a teacher of the Arabic & Persian languages. As a matter of fact this teacher was a Great Sufi Saint, who in the outer world he took on the appearance of an ordinary humble language teacher. This great saint received an instruction from his own Guru (Master) that two children would come to him and he must adopt them for spiritual training. Both of these children, although ignorant of the teacher’s spiritual status, used to greet him everyday. One day, as they were on their way back home, it started raining. On reaching the cottage of the saint, he came out and insisted that they come in until the rain stopped. They agreed and went inside. The Saint covered both boys with a blanket and they soon fell into a deep sleep. When they awoke, the world had changed for them. Both young men were given gifts of tremendous spiritual power. Such great powers take lifetimes to gain, and are beyond what most mortals are ever able to achieve, but both these young men received this energy in one stroke.


The language teacher was none other than the revered sufi saint, Fazl Ahmad Khan (lovingly called Huzoor Maharaj) and the young men were Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji (also known as Chacha Ji) and his elder brother Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji (also known as Lala Ji). Both these young men became regular visitors to the saint’s cottage, and over time they were given the training that enabled them to be transformed into great spiritual teachers in their own right.


At the time of leaving this world for his heavenly abode, Huzoor Maharaj called both Chacha Ji and Lala ji to him and instructed them to go to another disciple of his Guru for further training. This new teacher was the great sufi saint Abdul Ghani khan. He happily accepted both young men as his disciples and kept them in his guidance for many years.


As time passed, Chacha Ji got married and had a son named Radha Mohan Lal ji, who also became a great teacher and was himself initiated into the great line of Sufi Saints by the revered Abdul Ghani Khan. His eldest son, Sri Ravindra Nath, was also initiated into this path by the revered Abdul Ghani Khan Maharaj. We are so lucky that he is still, to this very day, teaching and transmitting the powerful spiritual energy of this great lineage.


Date : (1900-1966)


Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal ji was the second son of the great Master Chacha Ji Maharaj.  He was born in Oct 1900. He had the rare privilege to have spiritual guidance from both his father and also from the great respected master Rev. Abdul Ghani khan (known as Guru Maharaj).

Radha Mohan Lal Ji was a very introverted child, he was frightened of his father’s guru, and he used to hide himself whenever this great master visited the house. 

One day, whilst playing outside in the street, he accidentally bumped in to Guru Maharaj. The Guru took his hand and lead him inside the house, he then sat the boy down in front of him and asked some questions. All of a sudden, the boy felt overwhelmed with feelings of love and warmth that appeared to be emanating from the eyes of Guru Maharaj. This was a most important incident, because it heralded the beginning of the making of another Saint.


When the boy grew up, he did in fact go on to become a great Saint. He influenced thousands of seekers in the years to come, not only from India but also from many other countries despite the fact that he never travelled abroad and remained in Kanpur and the surrounding areas for the whole of his life. He was often invited to speak abroad, including an international spiritual conference, but he always excused himself by saying that he was only in continuous remembrance of Almighty God, and this was not conducive to travelling around on a lecture circuit. Such was his modesty.


Saint Radha Mohan Lal Ji was a very worthy successor to his beloved Guru Maharaj and his great respected father Chacha Ji Maharaj. He not only carried forward their teachings but modernized them, thereby keeping these sacred teachings up-to-date and relevant to modern society through his own dynamism and great wisdom.


Shri Ravindra Nath Ji, born in 2nd August 1929 is the grandson of Mahatma Chacha Ji Maharaj and also eldest son of Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal ji.  He had the rare privilege to be initiated in the system by the same Guru Maharaj ( Abdul Ghani khan) who was the teacher of  Chacha Ji Maharaj and Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal ji. Mahatma Ravindra Nath Ji  was regularly visited by spiritual seekers from USA,  Europe and Russia till 2016 the year when he took Samadhi.  He authorised and empowered his sons to carry forward the tradition with same purity.

Date : (1929-2016)